Fashion has always been a form of self-expression for me but thinking deeper on the nature of self-expression, we look for what people are trying to express.

I believe it boils down to being able to tell a story through what you wear. The stories that we tell do not need to be long or particularly deep or insightful, they may be as simple as narrating that you like the look and feel of something. It's when we touch on that part of our subconscious that self-expression comes from, what you wear becomes truly interesting.

The stories that we tell through what we wear can say everything about us, down to how we feel and think, what we like to do, where we like to go, even the things about us we wouldn’t want to show others. The catch is, the only person who can see and understand every single part of the story is yourself.

As a designer what do we do to make this story clearer and definite to you.

It’s not so easy.

Remember the only person you really need to be telling the story to is yourself, everyone else in the world understanding means nothing if you don’t and understanding it yourself when nobody else in the world does means everything.​

In the end what you wear is just messages to yourself.

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